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Terms of use, shipping and return policies

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions govern the access and use of main domain and related domains, owned by DABATOR S de RL de CV, (hereinafter, “Terms and Conditions”). These Website Terms and Conditions govern the use of the website:, main domain and related domains, hereinafter (the “Site”) and its relationship with DABATOR S de RL de CV.

Please read them. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, please do not register on the Site or use it. Please note that, by using any of the services provided by the Site or by requesting any transaction, this will constitute acceptance and full and unconditional agreement, on your part, with respect to these Terms and Conditions.

By doing this, you agree to use the Site in accordance with applicable laws and the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, and in particular to refrain from:

  1. A) Not use the Site for purposes or effects contrary to the law and to what is established in these Terms and Conditions
  2. B) Not use the website to send or post any unlawful message or material for the following purposes: harassment, defamatory, abusive, indecent, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene, sexual, racist, profane, pornographic or that violates any law. You will financially indemnify DABALASH.COM or DABATOR S de RL de CV. against any moral, financial, or material damage of any nature that DABALASH.COM or DABATOR S de RL de CV. may incur due to such actions, without limiting damages caused to third parties due to causes attributable either directly or indirectly to the use of the website to send or post any message or material with the aforementioned description.
  3. C) Copy, disseminate, modify, reproduce, distribute, or use the Site in any way for profit, unless you have the express written authorization of DABATOR S de RL de CV
  4. D) Modify or manipulate the trademarks, logos, trade names, and distinctive signs in general that are part of the Site or of the designers within the Site. This is regardless of who owns the rights to them, provided that written authorization from DABATOR S de RL de CV is obtained.
  5. E) Delete or modify, partially or totally, the Site, as well as the technical protection devices, or any mechanism or procedure established on the Site.
  6. F) Any act or attempt to extract information, materials, or codes not intended for use as part of the Site through the Site, any act or attempt to introduce, without the corresponding authorization, information, materials, or codes foreign to the Site, as well as to computer systems of third parties.
Liability or DABATOR S de RL de CV shall not be liable and hereby disclaims all responsibility for any loss, damages (whether direct, indirect, or consequential), personal injury, or expenses of any nature that you or third parties may suffer as a result, directly or indirectly, of your access and use of the website, the information contained on the website, or the malfunction of the website for any reason.

To access this website, the “User” must have security devices and take measures to prevent, among others: the use of their information by third parties, impersonation, intrusions, viruses, fraud, spies, and similar. Consequently, the “User” is responsible for all operations carried out through the website.

The “User” understands and agrees that they are responsible for the internet connection, and that it is reliable and secure and not made from public accesses or connections.

DABALASH.COM or DABATOR S de RL de CV assumes no responsibility for the operations, transactions, and others carried out on the website considering that this responsibility lies with the User. Intellectual Property of DABALASH.COM The Site, its logos, and all material appearing on said site are trademarks, domain names, trade names, and artistic works owned by their respective owner DABATOR S de RL de CV and/or R&G Business LLC. You may not reproduce, modify, copy, distribute, license, publish, upload, send, or disclose any text, video, software program, product, service, or any other service or product contained on the Site without the prior written authorization of DABATOR S de RL de CV and/or R & G Business LLC.

The size of the photos does not necessarily represent the actual size of the product.

DABATOR S de RL de CV reserves the right at any time to change or suspend without prior notice any aspect or feature of this website

External Links

External links may be provided for your convenience, but they are beyond the control and responsibility of DABATOR S de RL de CV. The use, truthfulness, or interpretation of the content of the links is at the user’s own risk. When visiting external links, you should review the terms and conditions of use, and it will be your responsibility to use them. Third-party links that are or will be part of the content of the website must be previously authorized by DABATOR S de RL de C. DABATOR S de RL de C will not be responsible for the use, functionality, information, quality, and consequences arising from your use of the pages of these third parties. In the absence of authorization, DABATOR S de RL de CV may at any time remove unauthorized links.

Payment Policies will send you a purchase confirmation via email, confirming that we have received your payment successfully through the following method.

  • Payment Platforms
    In case DABATOR S de RL de CV or any organ of the payment platforms such as: PayPal, KueskiPay, Conecta, Mercado Pago, ePayco, Addi, etc., need to request official documents from their clients, as a means of validation to the product acquisition process through the Site, it will be necessary to provide them to authenticate your account and your identity. The order number assigned when making the transaction on the site does not imply acceptance of the transaction. In case of any problem with your order, you will be informed of the situation by email. The responsibility for the transaction in the case of third-party sites other than DABALASH.COM will be the responsibility of such third parties in accordance with applicable policies.
  • Credit or Debit Cards
    Payments made with a credit or debit card are subject to approval by the issuing entity and compliance with the transaction security parameters defined by the respective entity’s payment gateway. DABATOR S de RL de CV and/or R & G Business LLC and/or DABALASH SAS reserve the right to reject the transaction when it is not approved by the credit card issuing entity and/or does not comply with the security and fraud prevention parameters defined by the payment gateway on the website.
Delivery of merchandise

The delivery time starts from the confirmation of payment by the email: or from the online payment platform. DABATOR S de RL de CV or R & G Business LLC or DABALASH SAS undertakes to deliver the merchandise to you within the established time, each product specifies its delivery time and applies based on the available schedule and the accessibility of the destination, the maximum delivery time of a product: 10 business days for products in stock. Due to unforeseen circumstances in which the order is delayed, notification will be sent to the user’s email or by telephone, depending on this, the user may request the cancellation and refund of their payment, as long as the order is still in one of our warehouses and has not already been handed over to the courier and in transit to the user’s address. For any questions or comments, you can contact us at

Shipping Policies

The order confirmation time can take up to 36 hours. The shipping time (if the item is in stock) is 3-5 days once the payment has been confirmed. Free shipping on purchases over $1,950 MX applies as long as the recipient is in areas covered by the standard courier service, in case re-expedition is required by the courier, the customer must pay the additional amount. DABATOR S DE RL DE CV will only ship within Mexican territory. DABALASH SAS will only ship within Colombian territory. Product delivery will be made to the address registered as the shipping address. Any changes to the address or other information after purchasing the product(s) must be reported within the first 24 hours following the purchase to the email from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific time. For information about the product’s shipping, contact the email At the time of delivery of the product, the customer must verify that it is properly sealed and without any alteration. In case of any anomaly during delivery, the customer must contact us within a maximum of 24 hours after the order has been delivered (based on the courier’s record). The customer accepts these periods when making the purchase and accepting the Terms and Conditions.


The warranty for the DABALASH or DABALASH MEN product is 90 days from the date of purchase, double the time needed to see results. This warranty does not apply to the DABA Vegan and Waterproof Mascaras, which have a 90-day warranty starting from the day of purchase. With your purchase receipt and filled-out return form, you can claim the warranty either as an exchange for another new product or a refund of the payment made for the returned product. To start the return process, please contact us at

The warranty ends on the 90th day after the purchase date.

It is necessary for the manufacturer of DABALASH, in this case, DABATOR S de RL de CV, to receive the product that did not work in order to examine it and determine if there is any problem with it, in order to provide continuous improvement and the required corrective action.


Even if the product is without its original packaging or case, with broken security seals, but it is verified that the product was purchased in our store, the store will directly manage the return to the customer when the aforementioned conditions apply.

The warranty is not valid when:

  • The product has been diluted with water, saliva, or any other substance.
  • Exposed to temperatures above 50 degrees due to voluntary or involuntary negligence of the customer.

Please note:

  • DABALASH is for external use only. If it accidentally gets into the eye, rinse with cold water. If irritation occurs and persists, discontinue use and consult your doctor. Personal use treatment.
  • DABALASH is not intended to cure or prevent hair loss.
  • Proper use and follow-up of the 4 simple application steps are essential for the correct functioning of the product and to see the desired results. Improper use of the product is not the responsibility of the manufacturer.
  • Only for ages 18 and older.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not use during pregnancy and/or menopause and/or chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
  • If the reason for the return is attributable, DABATOR S de RL de CV will cover the cost of shipping.
  • The returned product must be sent to the same address as indicated in the tracking guide attached to your package.
  • Changes will be made with the name under which the purchase was registered, as well as the order number associated with your purchase.
  • Changes are processed from Monday to Friday only.